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Composer Bradley Joseph -

Veterinarian Recommended:

Veterinarians and Animal Behaviorists have supported the use of relaxing music to minimize the destructive behaviors related to separation anxiety and hyperactivity.  These CDs and DVDs create a peaceful environment by masking other environmental noises that can trigger anxiety, excitement and barking.

What makes these CDs different from regular music CDs?

Composer Bradley Joseph has been a professional composer for over twenty years.  He started to notice a change in his own pets behavior depending on what he played on the piano.  By experimenting with different tones and rhythms, he incorporated all the positive reactions he received into his own compositions.  The end result was a collection of CDs and DVDs that have brought positive results from pet owners across the globe.


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About The Composer

Bradley Joseph was a featured keyboardist on Yanni's "Ethnicity 2003 World Tour".  Performing to over 500,000 people on the world's greatest stages, including Madison Square Garden and The Hollywood Bowl. Billboard Magazine ranked it the fourth largest tour of the year.  Bradley has worked with him for over six years and is a featured keyboard player on the CD Yanni - Live At The Acropolis

Bradley has also worked with artists under RCA, Epic, Warner Brothers, and Polygram.  Additionally, he toured with Sheena Easton for five years as her co-music director and appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno".  Some of Bradley's compositions and ever-popular CD, Rapture are part of Narada's line up.  His release, One Deep Breath held a position in "NAV's Top 100" radio chart for over six months.

Bradley owns Robbins Island Music and has produced, performed and distributed worldwide, his own compositions including numerous CDs and piano books.  Recently he was named one of the "Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans" of the year!


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