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Pet Music JET


This is my big girl Jet. When I left to the cottage,

she had separation anxiety. My mom put on the CD

and she calmed right down, it was amazing.





Tim and Carol


Here is my cat Spike (7.5 years) keeping a close eye on the butterflies.  We all enjoy "While You Are Gone" DVD For Cats!












Peanut &  Smokey Bear love the music!








This is "Baby", a rescued chihauhau/terrier mix.

When she came to us she was terrified of everyone and everything.

With a whole lot of love, patience, and a lot of great music from the

Music Pets Love series, she is now a happy and confident poochie-girl.

The music has made a big difference in her because she is no longer nervous or jittery with everyday happenings around the house.

In fact, DVD For Dogs was playing on TV the first time she actually ventured to fall asleep in the middle of the living room floor and not under anything -- she was that comfortable and relaxed.

So a great big thanks for such a brilliant project, it really works!







I have 4 dogs with all different personalities. I needed something that would work for all my dogs as I sometimes doggysit others during the weekends.

I have been playing this CD for about 3 weeks and seems to

have really made a difference with my dogs behavior

(especially my young lab).

I usually leave my radio or TV on but this CD works much better

(at least in my opinion) when I leave them by themselves.

I just ordered "DVD for Dogs: While You Are Gone",

will let you know how it works.

As far as this CD goesI give it a 5 out of 5!



Craig Moore


I own everyone of your CDs.  You need to put out more. :-) 

Thanks for the music.




Kimberly - MT

I have 3 cats.

One, Phoenix, loves to listen to music, watches TV,

and has his own DVD collection.  If he wants to watch a DVD

he sits on the prtable machine.

I try to leave a DVD on in the livingroom when I am at work, and the CD playing in the far bedroom for him to listen to. He lays on the bed and waits in the mornings for me to turn it on.

This is his favorite now. :)






Kim W.

St Paul, MN


Billy LOVES your Music Pets Love:  The Holiday Edition CD!   He gives it 4 Paws up.







Just love the Music for Dogs CD.

Have the "DVD For Dogs: While You Are Gone" as well.

Works way better than the TV or radio.

Has music, sound effects, and short stories,


Have bought a ton of them for all my friends!



Kevin - N. Carolina

I was very pleased with this dvd for dogs.

My two Maltese puppies, ages 8 and 5 months love the dvd.

I was more surprised that our 11 year old Great Pyrenees

also likes the dvd.

My wife and I are gone for work and school for many hours and anything which entertains our dogs is greatly appreciated.

I would recommend that any dog owners give this dvd a try.


Amy - IN


This CD is a great purchase.

My cockatiel, Charlie, loves it!! The first time I played it for him, he went crazy with singing and dancing and my son loves it too!!


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