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Music Dogs Love - While You Are Gone CD



"Music Dogs Love" is a collection of calming music and soothing stories for the dogs we love.

Over one hour of relaxing music mixed with soft nature sounds and short stories, creating a peaceful environment for dogs who are left alone.

Exotic birds, soothing voices, and sonic sounds only dogs hear, are just a few of the effects that come in and out of this beautiful music to entertain your pet while you are gone.

Time: 70 minutes



(Click song for sample to listen)


Paws and Reflect

 2. A Warm Spot
 3. Treat Tango
 4. Wet Nosed Wonder
 5. Dog Days of Summer
 6. My Best Friend
 7. Chasing My Tail
 8. Favorite Toy
 9. Musical Walk
 10. It's a Dog's Life
 11. Happy to See You
 12. Puppy Kisses
 13. Catching Some Zzz's


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Music Dogs Love CD

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